Agenda Highlight – New Horizons Panel

The New Horizons Panel features experts from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Southern Growth Policies Board, Memphis Bioworks Foundation, and Verdant Partners discussing  the opportunities for the South in the bioeconomy. They will discuss the need for innovation and investment and the opportunities for job growth and wealth creation.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the “Lab of the South,” a regional hub for innovation and scientific breakthrough. Southern Growth Policies Board is an economic development think tank focused on the area of science and technology as a means to job growth and wealth creation i. Memphis Bioworks Foundation through its AgBioworks program is dedicated to developing new agricultural technologies for a strong bioeconomy in the Mississippi Delta. And Verdant Partners brings expertise in the areas of finance, biotechnology, and field crops.

All of these organizations have unique perspective on where the biomass industry is headed and the opportunities for the South. You won’t want to miss it!

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