Biomass South is the premier event establishing the South’s leadership position in the critical transformation of the global economy from a fossil fuel economy to a bio-based renewable resource economy. The basis of the bio-economy is the utilization of renewable biological raw materials called biomass – agricultural crops and forestry materials which can effectively harness solar energy – which can then serve as the building blocks to replace petroleum in many products such as biofuels, green chemicals, novel polymers, and many other materials. The conference will …

• Promote a comprehensive vision of the emerging bio-economy

• Provide objective analysis regarding the region’s feedstocks and bioprocessing technologies

• Facilitate new partnerships and collaborations to build the regional renewable supply chain benefiting farmers, distributors and urban processors

• Support companies seeking to develop regional projects

• Outline the leadership role and growth of Biomass in the current economy

• Direct public/private resources to most promising projects

• Develop alliances with key Federal and State policy makers

Biomass South 2010: A New Horizon will be held October 14 and 15 at the University of Memphis in the Holiday Inn Conference Center and the FedEx Institute of Technology where over 300 attendees are projected drawing from over 20 states across the Southeastern Region.  Speakers will include State and Federal officials along with experts from Academia, Industry and the Financial Sector.

Biomass South 2008

In 2008, Biomass South started with a combined vision of the two principal sponsors, the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) and the National Association of State Energy Officials, who provided funding to the North Carolina State Energy Office to host a south-wide conference on biomass-based energy, products, and fuels by the end of FY 2008.  The goal of the conference was promoting sustainable biomass feedstocks within the Southeast. Over 250 people from 24 states and three countries attended the Biomass-South 2008 Conference, held September 21-23 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The conference was held at the new Raleigh Convention Center located in downtown Raleigh. Review the presentations from the 2008 conference here.