Conference Organizers

The event is hosted by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation, the Southeast Agriculture & Forestry Energy Resources Alliance, and Southern Growth Policies Board.

Memphis AgBioworks

AgBioworks is an initiative of Memphis Bioworks Foundation and BioDimensions dedicated to developing new agricultural technologies and processing, which will result in a strong bioeconomy in the Mississippi Delta. Bioeconomy refers to the sustainable use of agricultural and forestry products to supply abundant food, biofuels and biobased products that are increasing in global importance. The development of strategies to increase biodiversity, opportunities for farmers and increase green jobs has created new opportunities to impact workforce development and the economy.

Southeast Agriculture & Forestry Energy Resources Alliance (SAFER)

The vision of the Southeast Agriculture & Forest Energy Resources Alliance (SAFER) is to position the South as the national leader in renewable energy production. SAFER works toward this vision by providing strategic leadership to the agricultural and forestry sectors in advancing renewable energy initiatives. These initiatives focus on better policy, targeted research, efficient commercialization, and outreach and education. SAFER is managed by Southern Growth Policies Board.

Southern Growth Policies Board

Southern Growth Policies Board is a non-partisan public policy think tank based in Research Triangle Park, N.C dedicated to strengthening the South’s economy and creating the highest possible quality of life. Formed by the region’s governors in 1971, Southern Growth conducts research and provides a forum for policy deliberation and collaboration among elected officials, citizens and leaders from business, academia, and economic and community development. Southern Growth works in the areas of technology and innovation, globalization, workforce development, community development, civic engagement and leadership.